Working ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ your business, and in a ‘bubble’ with little time to consider benchmarks and industry best practice are key challenges for today’s independent hotel owners. With the experience of working with a large range of hotel owners, we are uniquely positioned to bring objectivity and hence enable optimisation of performance.

Run by a highly experienced Hotel Director, our Internal Hotel Business Review will assess:

  • Capability of the management in relation to demands of the business
  • Operating processes and procedures benchmarked against industry ‘best practice’
  • The current communication and planning regime
  • Use of technologies to identify opportunities based on ‘the latest available’
  • Current financial performance against industry benchmarks

Management Capability Assessment

An assessment as to how ‘fit for purpose’ your key management team members are highlighting where opportunities exist to enhance capability and thereby, performance.

Operating Process & Procedures

A review of key methods of ‘doing things’ in 12 key areas, highlighting best practice, and the opportunities which may exist. Detailed action plans are provided to optimise performance.

Communication & Planning

Both essential aspects of successful hotel operations, these are too often overlooked. We will assess current activity and advise on the most appropriate actions in terms of internal and external communication, and business planning.


Today, the effective use of the best technologies is a key differentiator in hotel operations. We will assess those currently in use and advise on ‘best (and most appropriate) available’.

Financial Performance

We will review all revenue and cost lines to highlight where you are out of step with what we would expect, and help you to develop plans to enhance performance in each area.

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As a corporate hotelier of some 30 years’ experience, I have become increasingly aware of the challenges facing independent hoteliers. ‘Not knowing what you don’t know’ can be a barrier – the impact of informed objectivity can be dramatic.

Michael Gray, Hotel Director, THMC. Ex-Vice President UK & Ireland - Hyatt International

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer