A business is often defined by the contentment and motivation of its employees. Firms which have a high turnover of staff are more likely to experience operational difficulties and as a result, customer satisfaction will often suffer. The good news is that it is much easier to reduce staff turnover than you might initially realise. By placing yourself in the shoes of your staff members and through appreciating how to inspire a good worker, happiness within the business environment is a very real possibility. Let's take a look at some expert tips intended to provide you with a leading edge.

Praise for a Job Well Done

One of the most effective strategies to reduce employee turnover is arguably the simplest. Offer praise and compliments when a staff member performs well. There is nothing worse than working hard only to be left in anonymity. Workers who feel this way well have little motivation to go above and beyond; instead remaining at status quo.

Providing Room for Growth

Upward mobility is critical in this day and age; particularly in reference to the millennial generation. Research has shown that these workers embrace the "pay-or-promote" mentality (1). In other words, they are well aware that the grass could be greener elsewhere. By offering opportunities for advancement and training, they are likely to remain loyal over time. As a result, your operations will directly benefit.

Incentives for Success and Production

In order for an employee to work hard, he or she has to be provided with the proper incentives. These do not necessarily have to revolve around money. Think outside the box! Concepts such as a choice of working environments and gift vouchers at a local restaurant tend to work quite well. Other strategies for retaining employees and minimising turnover involve company benefits. Benefits packages highlight the fact that the firm cares about its employees outside of the work environment. Let's also remember that skilled workers are not likely to accept a position if it does not offer some type of benefits programme.

Flexible Working Hours

One of the most common reasons for employee turnover rates involves the flexibility of working hours. No longer are schedules centered around the traditional 9-to-5 schedule or split shifts. Instead, try to adopt an approach that is as accommodating as possible. This could involve rotating shifts, whilst also ensuring hours are split fairly between colleagues

A Safe Working Environment

Today, employers needs to provide a safe working environment. Employees who feel that their physical safety is not taken seriously are much more likely to seek work elsewhere. Productivity will also increase; a benefit to the company itself. The resulting increases in profitability can then be funneled back into the other areas mentioned above.

Safe doesn’t just mean physically. It’s important to ensure that your employees realise that their working environment is also a safe place for them emotionally, where they will be treated with care and respect. Staff should feel that their work environment is an environment which is free from bullying, where they have somebody to turn to if they should have any problems at work and should need to seek guidance.

Hiring the Right Staff at the Right Times

A square peg cannot fit into a round hole. Always remember this mantra when hiring new employees. Recruitment is critical if you hope to fill the appropriate positions with qualified personnel. Firms such as Buell Search & Selection are able to provide reliable resources and exceptional talent because they truly understand the characteristics of the hotel and hospitality sector and the very particular pressures of working in this sort of environment. You will be able to reduce staff turnover while remaining confident in the knowledge that you have found the right man (or woman) for the job. And remember, most people are hired on the basis of skills and experience, and are fired on the basis of attitude and personality. Hire based on attitude. The rest can generally be taught if the mental outlook is right.

Competitive Pay Packages

Why would an employee work harder if he or she knows that this effort will never be reflected in their salary? Competitive pay packages offer two primary benefits. First, they serve to motivate others to perform at a higher level. They are also effective strategies to reduce employee turnover due to the simple fact that everyone enjoys a raise from time to time (once again addressing the concept of loyalty within a competitive business landscape). Investment in remuneration is likely to save you money in the longer-term.

There are numerous reasons for employee turnover and thankfully, there are just as many solutions. Managers who care for staff members are fostering a productive environment where everyone feels as if they are part of a greater team. The Hotel Management Company is able to leverage our expertise in order to help your business grow. Please speak with us or our sister firm Buell Search & Selection to learn more.

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