A talented team is rarely the result of random luck. Any company is only as strong as its weakest link. Hiring the best employees to fill vacant positions is therefore a fundamental concern if you ever want to experience success within today's business climate. As roles become increasingly specialised, placing a blanket advertisement in your local newspaper is far from sufficient. There are multiple factors to address and each should be used in combination with the others. If you are looking to hire qualified individuals, the advice found below is invaluable. Where and how will you find the right employees?

Embrace Visibility

How will the right worker be aware that an open position exists if it is not advertised properly? Maintain a high level of visibility across multiple platforms. Show the potential applicant how fun and dynamic your company can be. Post photos and videos of what they can expect when joining your team. Use major social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to emphasise such qualities. In the event that you receive public enquiries, be sure to answer them in a timely fashion. This will illustrate that you care about how the public perceives your organisation.

Be Clear About Your Mission Statement

Millennial employees are becoming an increasingly large percentage of the workforce. Experts agree that the values of a company will impact their decision just as much as other areas such as salaries and benefits (1). These values should be made clear from the very beginning. Remember that qualifications alone will not create a highly motivated team environment. Place an emphasis upon what makes your firm "tick". This level of transparency is bound to turn heads. Above all, it can weed out any applicants that may not be suited for a specific position.

Know Your Requirements

You also need to know what type of person your company is looking for. Are they intended to fill a discrete role or are you hoping to find a "jack of all trades"? This type of clarity is key when placing an advertisement and once again, it can help to cut down on the confusion during the hiring process itself. Be clear in regards to duties, responsibilities and what you are willing to provide to the employee in return.

The Notion of a "Dream Company"

One interesting piece of research has brought to light a unique observation. It states that workers are much more likely to continue working for a "dream company" as opposed to a "dream job" (2). In other words, they tend to look at the bigger picture. Of what use is a so-called "dream job" if the company itself is not respectable? Finding the right employees can depend upon how they perceive your firm within its industry. Those are indeed happy are more likely to become brand ambassadors; proudly spreading the word about what your organisation has to offer.

Filter the Candidate Results

Certain skilled jobs are in very high demand. So, you might very well discover that hundreds of applicants have applied for a single position. The results will obviously need to be filtered. This is much better than being forced to perform countless interviews only to find that one or two possess what is takes for the role. While the exact filters will be based upon your desires, the most important is a strong desire to work for your firm. This type of motivation cannot be taught and it clearly illustrates that they are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Safe doesn’t just mean physically. It’s important to ensure that your employees realise that their working environment is also a safe place for them emotionally, where they will be treated with care and respect. Staff should feel that their work environment is an environment which is free from bullying, where they have somebody to turn to if they should have any problems at work and should need to seek guidance.

Anyone looking to hire employees who are competent and qualified should take all of these suggestions seriously. Finding the best candidates will reflect positively upon your business and in terms of success, the sky is the limit. Taking these suggestions into account, you should be able to find the best employees for your business!

Hiring the Right Staff at the Right Times

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